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About The NICU Foundation

 The NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) Foundation is a non-profit charity that in partnership with the South West Neonatal Network supports the delivery of Neonatal Care within the 12 Units across the South West of England. 

These NICUs play a significant and life changing role in the lives of so many people across the southwest. With a population of 15 million and growing, the southwest NICUs now need your support more than ever with the 10,000 premature births happening every single year. 

With 1 in every 10 babies born prematurely or sick across the UK, NICUs  are an all too familiar sight to thousands of parents who are navigating through the most difficult part of their lives. It’s not only babies that need care, parents also need help and support to understand the important role they can play in the child’s development in the first few weeks and how to balance this with the busy lives we lead. 

In order to provide expert and dedicated care to babies and their families, NHS staff require expensive training to identify issues as early as possible, often paid for by donations made to local charities. It is vitally important for staff to be kept at the fore front of medical science and the advancement of technology to enable the support of these young lives.

Although NICUs are funded through the NHS, we look to add three important initiatives that close the gap on the care provided:

  1. Equipment over and above that provided by the NHS
  2. Education and training support for the NHS teams 
  3. Fund and develop resources which can be shared locally, nationally and internationally to support parents and family members throughout their NICU journey.

Thanks to your fundraising, babies born prematurely are travelling home with their families who have the knowledge that expert care and advice will always be on hand if needed. These young lives and their parents deserve every opportunity to have the best care and with your support, we can get one step closer. 

The South West Neonatal Network

The experience of a premature birth affects the lives of so many and through our partnership with the South West Neonatal Network we can equip, educate, train, counsel and care for the thousands this will happen to in the future.  

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Our Partnership with the south west neonatal network

In 2019, The NICU Foundation partnered with The South West Neonatal Operational Delivery Network. The network are a mandated NHS organisation that oversees all the Neonatal Units in the South West to ensure that they provide high quality Neonatal care to all families and their infants in the right place at the right time.


They serve a population of 4.7 million people spread across 9000 square miles – the largest regional footprint in England.  It has a live birth rate of approximately 50,000 babies per year stretching from the Isles of Scilly up to the North of the region where it borders Wales, and seven English Counties from Oxfordshire round to Dorset. 

Their three Neonatal Intensive Care Units, six Local Neonatal Units and three Special Care Units spread across the region admit over 4,500 babies a year. As the SW Neonatal Network, they work in partnership with families and healthcare professionals to help each clinical setting achieve the highest standard of care possible.

Families find their babies admitted to a Neonatal Unit for many different reasons, from illness to being born prematurely but all will find exceptional clinical expertise, specialist care and a compassionate community which will help them navigate through the first days, weeks and months, of their child’s life.

Thousands of babies and families, hundreds of healthcare providers, 12 units, 2 transport teams - 1 South West Neonatal Network.

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